Cross-border data flows: data governance and international trade

Cross-border data flows: data governance and international trade


The internet and digital services have introduced important innovative benefits for users around the globe. The new business opportunities and thriving cross-border trade also contribute to the economic growth of local markets. Digital services nowadays support a wide range of daily activities online, including intermediary services, marketplaces, and social networking. As a result, consumers enjoy more choices, industries become more competitive, and community participation across the globe has been thriving. The social, pollical, and economic impact of this trend is phenomenal. 

Digital economic activities rely heavily on the access, use, and transfer of users’ personal data. In addition, issues stemming from cross-border transactions—taxation, cross-jurisdiction regulation applicability, personal data processing, and privacy protection—invite dialogues among the global multistakeholder Internet community.

The panelists will discuss the challenges brought by a shifting focus of global trade to existing trade rules, cross-border data flow, and the development of the global framework for data governance. They will also touch upon the direction and considerations Taiwan should focus on when developing policies regarding cross-border data flow.


  • September 8 (Wed.) 2021, 14:00-16:00(on live)
  • The speakers are being invited as of now and names will be listed in the alphabetical order, which is subject to change.
  • The Event may be cancelled without notice in the case of natural disaster or force majeure, based on the Government announcement.

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