Taking on Giants: Leverage Digital Tools and Social Media for Citizens’ Digital Resilience

Taking on Giants: Leverage Digital Tools and Social Media for Citizens’ Digital Resilience


Russia-Ukraine war has been ongoing for over a year with no apparent end in sight, and the world continues to pay attention to and marvel at the persistence of the two countries in asserting their sovereignty despite the completely asymmetrical scale. Whether or not it is appropriate to draw parallels between Taiwan and Ukraine, it does not diminish Taiwan’s interest in Ukraine’s courageous and innovative approaches to fight with limited resources.

Citing observations from the Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, Ukraine has demonstrated smooth digital collaboration between the public and private sectors during the war. They have utilized non-traditional information platforms and open-source tools, as well as shown adeptness in leveraging social media to enhance the country’s real-time response capabilities and therefore increase international attention and support.

If, and only if, we genuinely hope that Taiwan’s people will not face a similar conflict, how will we learn from Ukraine’s digital experience to address issues such as misinformation, communications disruption, fact-checking, and seeking assistance during wartime? How will we proactively defend and promote the overall digital resilience of Taiwanese citizens? In the current tense atmosphere preceding a potential conflict, what are the key preparations we should undertake in advance?

In this session, we have invited local entrepreneurs, adventurers, and online media who are skilled in utilizing digital tools to provide actionable solutions for building Taiwan’s digital resilience among its citizens.

Time & Venue

Time: 2023/06/27   02:00-04:00PM

Venue: IEAT International Conference Center Meeting 11F Room 2 (No. 350, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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14:00-14:05  Introduce
14:05-15:45  Panel Discussion

  • Moderator:
    Hung, Kuochun─COO, Watchout. Co.
  • Penalists:
    Kuo, Chia-yo─Chairman, Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association
    Hsu,Wuu-longFounder, LASS Location Aware Sensor System
    Tsai, Victor─Co-founder and Business Director, Qsearch

15:45-16:00  Q&A



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