Creating a future together with digital technologies


Creating a future together with digital technologies


The covid-19 pandemic has dragged on for almost two years and continues to plague the economy, security, and lives of many countries. On the one hand, digital technologies and the Internet helped significantly soften the impact of the global pandemic; on the other hand, they also introduced new risks while exacerbating the existing ones. There is no denying that the Internet will continue to play a critical role in the future development of humankind.

In this final event of TWSIG, we will examine the development and application of digital technologies in the past year, trying to answer questions like: does the next generation have more opportunities? Is Taiwanese society fairer? Did the trust between the government and the public strengthen or decrease? Did cyber criminal activities increase or lessen? We will also look forward and ask: what are the governance priorities for Taiwan next year?


  • November 18 (Tue.) 2021, 14:00-16:00(on live)
  • The speakers are being invited as of now and names will be listed in the alphabetical order, which is subject to change.
  • The Event may be cancelled without notice in the case of natural disaster or force majeure, based on the Government announcement.

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