What changes will quantum computing bring to our future of technology?

What changes will quantum computing bring to our future of technology?


Quantum computing is the next step of the computing revolution, causing a craze around the globe. Governments and businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and China all are investing hugely in the development of quantum computing; it also appears in many countries’ national technology development strategies. Thanks to the heavy investment of tech giants such as IBM, Intel, and Google, along with many startups, quantum computing has advanced rapidly, as we can now see the commercial application of the technology.

In his first press conference after taking office, President Joe Biden stressed that ‘the future lies in who can in fact own the future as it relates to technology, quantum computing, a whole range of things…’. However, as much as the possibility of quantum computing bringing great benefit to humankind, people are also deeply concerned about the other possibilities, namely, the abuse of this technology in decrypting the encryption mechanisms maintaining the safety and stability of the Internet. The abuse can come from either malicious attackers or the states.

Quantum computing has moved from laboratory tests to real-life application, and will inevitably transform multiple disciplines from material manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical, artificial intelligence, cyber security to fintech. What changes and impacts will this bring to our society? How do state governments and businesses prepare to address this change, identifying niches and gaining advantages while avoiding risks?


Date: Aug 5 (Thu.) 2021, 14:00-16:00


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